"i never give a company a deposit, because they might not do the work. I only pay for completed work."

                                             -- Seth sadler
(His words should have been heard more as a prediction of his own future actions, and less as a warning against the actions of others.)

A Story

Given a chance to design a great project, Seth Sadler took the path toward designing a failure. A low level of knowledge was evident throughout the design process. Success was not achieved despite numerous hours spent trying to salvage something useable, from his overpriced efforts.

  • "Never forget why you're designing in the first place." - He never forgot to bill for a single minute of his worthless effort.
  • "No matter how you do it, leave your mark." - He left a a psychic scar that will never fully heal.

This image represents a potential client of EnviroSense. He wants to have a comfortable and affordable home designed and built.

If his path has the unfortunate fate of involving Seth Sadler, he may be lead down a path toward disappointment, turning to despair, and possibly leading to endless delays, disputes, ultimately resulting in expensive legal action to force appropriate action.

A home project was turned into a nightmare of delays, threats, lost money, and no actual construction.
(Thanks to the work of Seth Sadler, R.A., and EnviroSense Design Build, Inc.)